Abergelle is a breed of goat found mainly in East Africa, specifically in Ethiopia and Eritrea. It is considered to be of very ancient origin and is highly appreciated and sought after in its native land.

The Abergelle goat is medium-sized, and males have an average body weight of about 75 kilograms and females around 50 kilograms. It has a distinctive black head with white markings on its face and ears, making it very attractive and easy to recognize. Its coat is generally black with white or reddish-brown markings, and its hair is long and wavy. The Abergelle goat is a very hardy breed and can survive harsh climates, such as those of the highlands of East Africa.

The breed is primarily used for the production of milk and is considered to be one of the highest producing dairy breeds in Ethiopia. The goats have excellent milking characteristics and produce a creamy and sweet-tasting milk that is highly sought-after in East Africa. The milk of Abergelle goats is also used to make cheese and butter.

The Abergelle goat is also renowned for its meat quality, which is highly sought-after among the local population. The meat is considered to be of exceptional quality and has good marbling, which makes it particularly tasty and flavourful. The skin of the Abergelle goat is also valuable and is used for making leather goods such as clothing, bags, and shoes.

The Abergelle goat is also a highly productive animal in terms of reproduction, with some females having a capacity to produce up to four kids at one time. The breed has a naturally friendly and easy-going personality, which makes it a great pet for families. Overall, the Abergelle goat is an incredibly versatile breed that has a lot to offer to its owners.