The Agew goat breed is an ancient breed that originated in Ethiopia and is now common throughout Eastern Africa. These goats are a hardy breed and can thrive in many different environments. They are small to medium-sized animals and are known for being very resistant to disease. They have thick, white coats with a black undercoat and long ears. The Agew goat is often used for its milk, meat, and hide, as well as for its hardy nature and good temperaments.

The breed is known to be very resistant to disease and parasites, thanks to their thick hide and thick wool. This makes the Agew an ideal goat breed for producing high quality milk, meat, and hides. In addition to being hardy and disease-resistant, Agew goats are also known for their docile temperaments. They are usually very calm and willing to be worked with. The breed is especially known for producing large quantities of milk, making them ideal for dairy production.

Agew goats are known to be very efficient browsers, meaning they can eat a wide variety of plants. This helps them to forage for their food, which helps to reduce the costs of production. They are also known to be highly prolific producers of young, which helps to increase their overall productivity.

The Agew breed is a medium-sized goat, typically standing between 25-30 inches at the shoulder. Their coats are usually white with a black undercoat and long ears. In addition, they usually have short legs and a long face. This breed is known for its good characteristics, including its resistance to disease, docile temperaments, and ability to produce large amounts of milk.

Agew goats thrive in many different environments and are popular for their meat, milk, and hide production. They are also known for their hardy nature and good temperaments, making them easy and enjoyable to work with. Overall, the Agew goat is a valuable breed that is highly sought-after for its many uses.