The Agrupación de las Mesetas is a breed of goat from Spain that is coveted for its high quality meat and dairy production. They are a dual purpose breed, meaning they produce both milk and meat for their keepers. Agrupación de las Mesetas are usually white or off-white with light to dark brown markings on their heads, front legs, and backs. They have short, glossy coats and medium-sized, alert ears.

Agrupación de las Mesetas goats are hardy animals, able to survive in a variety of climates and terrain. They are a hardy, rugged breed, well adapted to marginal lands and can adjust to a wide variety of grazing conditions. They are well known for their excellent foraging abilities and are known to consume grass, weeds, and shrubs with relative ease. This breed is also resistant to parasites and other diseases, making them an excellent option for those looking for healthy, hardy goats.

Agrupación de las Mesetas goats are excellent at producing milk. Does will produce between three to four kilograms of milk per day, with a fat content that is higher than most other breeds. The cheese made from their milk is of a high quality, with a mild flavor and a yellowish color.

Agrupación de las Mesetas goats are known for their ability to produce high-quality meat. Kids will weigh around 29 pounds at eight weeks of age and are ready to be sold for meat. Their meat is prized for its distinctive flavor and tenderness.

Agrupación de las Mesetas goats are a calm and easy-going breed of goat. They are easy to handle and train, and generally get along well with other animals. They are also relatively low-maintenance animals, requiring minimal care to stay in good health.

Agrupación de las Mesetas goats are a popular choice for their dual purpose use, high-quality milk, and distinctive flavor of their meat. They are an excellent choice for both beginning and experienced goat keepers, as their quiet demeanor and hardiness make them an ideal breed. They are also relatively low-maintenance animals that require minimal care and attention to stay healthy and happy.