Aljabal Alakhdar goats are a breed of domestic goats found in the northwest region of Saudi Arabia. They are known for their remarkable levels of drought resistance, their ability to thrive in harsh climates, and for the quality of their milk production.

The Aljabal Alakhdar goat is a medium-sized animal, with bucks weighing up to 65 kg and does weighing up to 45 kg. They have a coat of white, gray, and black fur, and Aljabal Alakhdar bucks usually have longer fur that is thicker in texture. They also have long, curved horns.

Aljabal Alakhdar goats are well-known for their hardiness in the face of extreme weather conditions. They can survive in temperatures as low as -2°C or as high as 38°C, and can even withstand severe droughts. They have also been bred to graze on sparse vegetation with high salt content, and their resistance to tick-borne diseases makes them ideal for pastoral farms.

Aljabal Alakhdar goats are also prized for their high milk production. A single goat can produce up to two liters of milk a day, and the milk they produce is especially rich in certain minerals and vitamins. This makes them an excellent choice for dairy farms looking for a reliable source of quality milk.

Finally, Aljabal Alakhdar goats are renowned for their gentle temperaments. They are docile animals with a calm nature, and they are easily trainable. They also have a strong bond with their owners, and can become very attached to them.

All in all, Aljabal Alakhdar goats are a versatile and hardy breed that has many advantages for any type of farm. They are highly resistant to harsh weather, they produce high quality milk, and they are friendly and loyal animals. Their adaptability and hardiness make them an invaluable asset to any farm.