The Arapawa goat is a breed of goat that originates from the small Arapawa Island off the coast of New Zealand. It is a medium sized goat, typically weighing between 60 and 130 pounds, with males typically being larger than females. The Arapawa goat has a short coat of light to medium-gray hair, often with white and black spots or splotches, and a long, thick undercoat of white wool. They have long, deep bodies and their legs appear to be slightly too long for their bodies. The Arapawa goat is a very hardy and resilient breed, adapted to survive in a wide variety of climates and on sparse, low-quality forage.

Their most distinguishing feature is their white, downy undercoat, which is highly prized as a source of luxury wool. The Arapawa goat has a docile temperament and is well suited to domestication. They are very friendly and social, and get along well with other animals, and are known for their intelligence and curiosity. They adapt well to human handling, and can easily be trained to perform tricks and other tasks.

The Arapawa goat is also known for its good maternal traits, with does making excellent mothers who bond closely with their kids. They have the ability to repair their own udders after kidding, and are also good meat producers.

The Arapawa goat is an ancient breed, believed to have been introduced to the Arapawa Island centuries ago by Polynesian settlers. The breed has remained relatively unchanged since that time, and is considered to be a living relic of New Zealand’s history.

The Arapawa goat is extremely rare, and is considered to be a critically endangered species. In recent years, conservation efforts have been made to preserve the population, and today, the Arapawa goat has become a symbol of the island’s endangered wildlife.

The Arapawa goat has long been of great economic and cultural value to the islanders, providing them with a valuable source of both meat and wool for a variety of uses. Today, the Arapawa goat is gaining popularity as a show animal, and is becoming increasingly sought after as a breed for hobby farms and petting zoos.