The Arsi-Bale goat is a medium-size goat breed that is native to Ethiopia. It is a hardy and drought-resistant breed that is well adapted to Ethiopias hot, dry climate. The breed is mainly used for meat and milk production, but the hide is also used for making leather.

Male Arsi-Bale goats can reach up to 85 cm in height, and females can reach up to 75 cm. The coat color varies from white to black and a mixture of colors. Males also have a distinctive set of horns, which can measure over 35 cm in length.

The Arsi-Bale goat is known for its hardiness and ability to survive in harsh conditions. They are able to obtain their water from their food, and can go for long periods without access to additional water sources. This makes them well adapted to living in dry areas.

Arsi-Bale goats are also known for their hardy constitution and strong legs. They are able to traverse long distances and hills without becoming fatigued, making them well suited for herding and traveling.

The Arsi-Bale goat is a very productive breed. They have a high rate of conception and can produce up to two kids per year. They produce high-quality milk that is rich in fat and proteins.

They have a good feed conversion rate and are efficient grazers. They can eat a variety of plants and grasses and are also able to digest poorer quality foods. This makes them well suited for grazing in regions with limited access to high-quality forage.

The Arsi-Bale goat is a hardy breed that is well adapted to its native environment. It is a productive breed that is used for both meat and milk production. It is also an efficient grazer that can survive in dry areas with limited access to water and feed.