The Australian brown goat is a popular breed of meat goat, known for its hardy nature and tasty meat. Originating in Australia, the breed is well adapted to the hot, dry climate of the Outback. They are a medium sized animal, standing between 24-30 inches tall at the shoulder, and weighing between 150-240 pounds. Their coats can vary in color from a light tan to a deep, chocolate brown, and they have short, erect ears with white markings on their faces.

The breed is known for its hardiness, which makes it well-suited for arid climates and difficult terrain. Australian brown goats are known for their ability to make use of dry, scrubby vegetation, and they can be found living in areas with little forage or water. They are also very resistant to parasites and disease, making them an excellent choice for any producer looking to minimize health-related costs.

The Australian brown goat is an excellent breed for meat production. The meat is lean, with a mild flavor and a good balance of fat and muscle. The breed is known for its fast growth rate, and young kids can reach marketable weight in as little as six months. The breed also produces a high quality, thick skin that is highly valued in the leather industry.

Australian brown goats are also prized for their good disposition and easy-going nature. They are mild tempered animals that get along well with other stock, making them suitable for living in mixed herds. They are also fairly quiet and are unlikely to be a nuisance for neighbors.

Overall, the Australian brown goat is a great choice for any producer looking for a hardy, productive, and mild-mannered breed. With its fast growth rate, good meat quality, and resistance to parasites and disease, the Australian brown goat is a top choice for small farmers and hobbyists alike.