The Australian Heritage Angora goat is a breed of goat native to Australia. It is a medium- to large-sized goat, standing up to sixty-six inches in height and weighing up to two hundred pounds. The Angoras can be white, black, or grey in color, and they have both long and short hair coats. Their silky fur is generally white, gray, or black, with a fine, fluffy texture.

The Australian Heritage Angora goat is a very hardy breed and is well-suited for a variety of climates and environments. The breed was developed in Australia in the early 1900s to be a meat animal, used for meat production for both commercial and family kitchen operations. The breed was later bred for its soft, fine wool, which can be used for clothing and other commercial applications.

Unlike other Angora breeds, which are naturally hornless, the Australian Heritage breed does have horns. These horns are usually quite small and slender and can be either straight or curved. This makes it stand out from other Angora breeds, as the horns are an important feature for livestock identification.

The Australian Heritage Angora goats are known for their excellent maternal skills. They are especially protective of their young and make excellent mothers. They are also quite docile animals, and are easy to handle. As such, they are a popular choice for dairy production, as well as for fiber production in areas such as millinery, knitting, and weaving.

The Australian Heritage Angora goat is quite resistant to many common diseases and parasites, making it a particularly hardy breed. This hardiness combined with its excellent production qualities, makes it an ideal choice for both meat and fiber production. The breed is also known for its long lifespan, with an average lifespan of twelve to fifteen years.

The Australian Heritage Angora goat is a breed that has become popular throughout the world. Its soft, luxurious fleece has made it a favorite for thousands of years, and its hardiness, docility, and strong maternal instinct has made it a reliable and valuable animal to farmers and hobbyists alike. The breed is relatively easy to care for and provides a valuable source of protein, fiber, and nutrition. For these reasons, the Australian Heritage Angora goat is an essential part of the vibrant agricultural heritage of Australia.