The Banatian White goat is an ancient breed of goat originating from the Banat region of Romania and Serbia. As a hardy, dual-purpose breed, the Banatian White is known for its exceptional meat and milk production. The goat is medium-sized, with the bucks weighing up to 200 pounds and the does reaching up to 160. They possess a white coat with colored patches on their faces, necks, and legs, with the colors ranging from black to tan.

Banatian Whites are known for their calm demeanor and friendly personalities, making them an ideal choice for both novice and experienced goat owners. They are hardy as well and can survive in any climate, as long as they have access to plenty of forage and shelter.

The breed is naturally robust, with a low rate of disease and injury. This is due in part to their strong immune systems, which help them resist many common goat illnesses. Furthermore, their strong hooves help them adapt to any terrain, and their thick coats are designed to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Banatian Whites are also known for their excellent milk production, with does producing two to three gallons per day. The milk has a rich, creamy flavor and is often used to make cheese and other dairy products. The breed is also very efficient foragers and grazers, eating a wide variety of plants and grasses.

Banatian Whites are also known for their hardiness and mothering abilities, as they are very protective and attentive to their offspring. They make excellent family pets and companion animals, and with proper care, can live for up to eight years. They are also friendly towards other animals and make great additions to any herd.

All in all, the Banatian White is an excellent breed of goat for any situation, and is sure to provide an enjoyable and productive experience. With their hardy nature and friendly personalities, these goats are sure to be a welcome addition to any family or farm.