Chamois Coloured goat breed is a unique breed that originates from the Netherlands. It was originally bred for meat production by dairy farmers, however, these goats are now used in many countries for both meat and dairy production.

The Chamois Coloured goat has a light tan color with white striping along its back and belly. The ears are set high on the head and the horns are curved and wide. The body is large and well-muscled with a long, straight back. These goats are very hardy and can tolerate cold climates.

The breed is known for its high milk production, with an average of two gallons of milk produced per day. The milk produced is high in butterfat content which is great for cheesemaking. The milk also contains high amounts of protein and calcium, making it desirable for other applications such as yogurt production.

Chamois Coloured goats are very good browsers, meaning that they are able to graze a wide variety of plants. They are also very tame and easy to handle, making them a great choice for both hobbyists and small-scale farmers alike.

Chamois Coloured goats are great foragers and require minimal supplementation; however, they do need good quality hay and minerals to supplement their diet and keep them healthy. They also need plenty of access to clean water and a secure fence to prevent predators from getting in.

The breed is known for its vigor and longevity, with many individuals living to be over 15 years old. They are also known for their hardy nature and ability to adapt to different climates and environments without difficulty.

All in all, the Chamois Coloured goat breed is a great choice for farmer and hobbyists alike. They are hardy, productive, and friendly, making them a great choice for a variety of applications. They are perfect for those looking to produce high-quality milk products, as well as those looking to add a unique and hardy animal to their farm or homestead.