Chappar goat breed is one of the most common breeds of goats in India. It is found mainly in the hilly areas of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. It is a medium-sized breed, with an average shoulder height of 75-80 cm and body weight of 40-45 kg. The head is small and rectangular in shape with a flat forehead. The ears are erect and pointed and the eyes are deep-set. The body is compact with a deep chest, straight back and strong legs and hooves.

The coat of the Chappar goat is short and dense, usually of a red colour with white markings on the face, neck and legs. The udder is well-developed and provides good milk yield. It is known for its high productivity and disease resistance.

The Chappar goat has an excellent feed conversion ratio which makes it an ideal choice for commercial production of dairy products and meat. The breed is well-suited for people with limited resources as they require minimum maintenance and care. They are highly prolific and have an average lactation period of 180-200 days.

The Chappar goat is also known for its hardiness and adaptability to harsh climates. It is capable of surviving in low quality pastures and can also survive in a wide range of temperatures. It is known for its good resistance to internal parasites.

Most Chappar goats are used for dairy production, but some are also used for meat production as well. The breed is known for its high-quality lean meat which is considered the best for meat production. The hair of the goat is also used in the production of carpets, rugs, and blankets.

Overall, the Chappar goat is an excellent choice for a wide variety of farmers and producers. It’s hardy, disease-resistant, and high production make it an ideal choice for commercial use. Its meat and hide are also in high demand in the markets.