The Chigu goat is an impressive breed of goat originating from Ethiopia. It is a medium-sized breed, with adult bucks weighing in at 75-80 pounds and does at 50-65 pounds. The Chigu is a hardy breed and able to thrive in the harsh conditions of its native land. The coat is short and generally reddish-brown with some white spots. The ears are upright and horns are small and curved.

This breed is known for its good milk production. Chigu does can produce 1.4 to 1.6 gallons of milk each day. The milk has an especially high butterfat content, making it especially desirable for cheese production. The milk is also renowned for its medicinal properties, since it contains high levels of iron and calcium.

Chigu goats are known for their even temperaments and docile nature. They are very rarely aggressive, making them a great choice for livestock production. They are also known for being hardy animals that are resistant to disease and parasites. The breed is also known for its good fertility and ability to breed year-round.

The Chigu goat is a tolerant breed that can thrive in a variety of climates. They do best in dry, arid climates, but can also do well in wetter environments. They are well suited to pasture-based systems, since they are able to forage for food and don’t need much supplemental feed.

The Chigu goat is a great choice if you are looking for a productive, hardy, and docile breed of goat. With its excellent milk production, resistances to disease and parasites, and even temperament, the Chigu goat is a great choice for any livestock farm.