Corsican goat breed is an attractive breed of livestock that is gaining popularity in many parts of the world as a source of milk and meat. This breed is native to the island of Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a medium-sized, dual purpose breed, with a broad and muscular body, short legs, and long, silky hair.

The coat of these goats is a mixture of black, gray, and white, although there are also silver and red variants. The long and silky hair that is characteristic of this breed is very desirable and is often sought after for garments and textiles. They are also a great choice for those looking for a meat goat that can tolerate life in a variety of climates.

Corsican goats are known for their hardiness and resilience, as they can survive in harsher conditions than other breeds. They have a strong immune system and are less prone to diseases such as mastitis and pinkeye. Additionally, they have sturdy hooves that are resistant to cracking and are able to navigate rocky terrain with ease.

This breed is known for producing large quantities of milk, up to 5 liters per day, and is typically used for milk production. The milk is delicious, high-fat, and rich in flavor. It has a creamy texture and a pleasant taste that makes it a favorite amongst cheese connoisseurs.

In addition to their hardy nature and delicious milk, Corsican goats are also very friendly and easy to handle. They are known for being curious and intelligent, which makes them great for those looking for a family pet. They also get along well with other animals, including other breeds of goats.

Finally, Corsican goats are very versatile and can easily be incorporated into any type of production system. They have great adaptability and can thrive in a range of environments, making them a great choice for small producers. In addition, they require less feed and hay than other goat breeds, which makes them more economical in the long run.