Dera Din Panah (DDP) goats are a rare breed originating from the Dera Din Panah district of Pakistan. Their long, lustrous coats, vibrant eyes, and sharp horns make them one of the most striking animals on the farm. DDP goats are small to medium-sized animals, weighing between 45 and 72 pounds and reaching heights as tall as 24 inches.

The most distinctive feature of the DDP goat is their thick, luscious coats, which range in color from white to black. They have long, curved horns that curve backward above their heads, set against a mane-like tuft of long hair on their neck. The goat’s eyes may be black, brown, or gold and they have a strong and lively demeanor.

DDP goats are renowned for their hardy nature and their superior milk production. They can produce up to three times more milk than other breeds of goats, making them an invaluable asset to farms and and villages in rural Pakistan. The milk is high in protein and has a butterfat content of up to seven percent, giving it a distinct and delicious flavor.

In addition to their exceptional dairy qualities, DDP goats are also used for meat production. Their meat is tender and flavorful, and the animals are extremely easy to keep and maintain. They are naturally hardy and able to survive long periods of drought and other harsh conditions.

Additionally, DDP goats are known for their strong mothering instincts, and are able to provide attentive care and protection for their kids. They are also highly prized for their unique fleeces, which are highly sought after for use in rugs, blankets, and soft furnishings.

The Dera Din Panah goat is a treasured breed in their native Pakistan, and their popularity is rapidly growing worldwide. With their gentle nature, exceptional dairy qualities, and strong mothering instincts, it’s easy to see why DDP goats are becoming a favorite among farmers and homesteaders.