The Don goat breed is a medium-sized goat native to the Don River basin in Russia. The breed is known for its hardiness and adaptability, which makes it an ideal choice for farm and urban settings. The Don goat is an economical breed to raise, due to its excellent reproductive rate and good meat yield.

The Don goat is a sturdy breed, with heavy coats of black, white, or both. The average height of a Don goat is around 30 inches, with a weight of around 125 pounds. Males tend to be more muscular than the females. The Don goat has a long and thick tail that tapers to a point.

As far as temperament goes, Don goats are generally docile animals that are easy to manage. They are also quite gentle with children. They enjoy socializing with other goats and humans, and are considered a friendly breed.

Don goats are food-driven animals, making them easy to manage when it comes to feeding time. They are known for their good meat yield and milk production, which makes them a profitable choice for any farmer. Don goats also produce a high-quality pelt that is used for a variety of products.

The Don goat is an excellent choice for anyone looking to raise a hardy, productive breed. Their resistance to disease and ability to adapt quickly to their environment make them an ideal choice for farmers or homesteaders. They are also good foragers, so they are a great addition to any pasture. With proper care and attention, the Don goat will provide many years of quality milk and meat production.