Drežnica goat breed is native to Slovenia and is one of the few breeds in the country. It has a long and slender body with long legs and a long, elegant neck. Its coat is usually white with darker markings around the eyes, ears, and nose. The breed is known for its excellent meat quality and is used in the production of local cheeses.

Drežnica goats are well adapted to the Alpine climate and terrain of Slovenia. They are hardy and able to withstand cold temperatures due to their thick fur and long legs. They also have a strong immunity against parasites and other diseases. The breed has a good resistance to mastitis, a common condition in dairy goats.

The Drežnica breed is considered a medium-sized goat breed. They usually weigh between 75 and 110 pounds, with the bucks being heavier than the does. The breed has a long face and wide horns that curve backwards. The udder of a female Drežnica is well developed and produces plenty of milk.

Drežnica goats are excellent foragers and thrive in the local climate. They can be found browsing on shrubs, grasses, and trees. These goats usually produce more milk than other dairy breeds and it is known for its high-quality flavor. The milk is often used for making local cheeses and other dairy products.

Drežnica goats are also popular as a show animal, due to their unique and striking appearance. They have a calm and gentle disposition, making them easy to handle and train for show. They can also be used as pack animals to carry supplies on hikes or camping trips.

Overall, Drežnica goats are a resilient and hardy breed that is well adapted to the Alpine climate of Slovenia. They have a good resistance to parasites and mastitis and produce a high-quality milk that is used to make cheese. They are also popular for show and used as pack animals. All of these traits make the Drežnica an excellent breed for farmers and homesteaders alike.