The Frisa Valtellinese goat breed is a rare Italian breed found in Lombardy. It is characterized by its hardy constitution, white or yellowish-white coat, and thick well-bent horns. This breed is also known for its ability to produce flavorful and healthy dairy products, combining the mainstream traits of a typical dairy goat with those of its hardy mountain goats.

The Frisa Valtellinese goat is hearty, hardy, and can withstand harsh weather conditions. It is capable of foraging for food in mountainous terrain, and can produce nutritious milk in the cold winter months. Its thick coat keeps the goats warm and dry in cold and wet weather, and its thick horns can be used for defense.

The Frisa Valtellinese breed is also known for producing a flavorful and full-bodied milk. This milk is thick and creamy, and its butterfat content is high, making it perfect for making cheese and other dairy products. The milk has a slightly sweet taste and is highly nutritious, rich in calcium, proteins, minerals, and essential fatty acids.

The average size of a Frisa Valtellinese goat is mid-sized, weighing between 100 and 160 lbs. They have a white or yellowish-white coat, and their horns are thick and well-bent. They are medium framed and have a short snout and deep chest.

Frisa Valtellinese goats are known for their docile and friendly temperament. They are gentle and easily handled, making them a great choice for developing milk and dairy products for family use. They are intelligent and can learn commands quickly, making them great companions for children.

These goats are not suited for commercial production due to their rare breed status and their small size. Their milk production is also considered to be below the average goat, only producing 2 to 3 liters a day compared to the average goat’s 4 to 5 liters.

Despite their small stature, the Frisa Valtellinese goat breed is a hardy, productive, and flavorful choice. With its hardy constitution, flavorful milk, and friendly temperament, the Frisa Valtellinese breed is a great choice for homesteaders looking to produce nutritious and high-quality dairy products.