The Grisons Striped goat is a relatively rare Swiss breed of goat. It is believed to be the only striped goat breed in the world but is classified in the category of Swiss dairy goats. The Grisons Striped goat is an attractive breed with distinctive vertical black and white stripes over its entire body. They are often referred to as “painted” goats or “zebra” goats due to their unique color pattern.

Grisons Striped goats are medium-sized animals with males usually weighing around 200-225 pounds and females usually weighing about 150-175 pounds. They typically have a white face and muzzle, with red or brown eyes surrounded by a black band. Their head is crowned with two long, curved horns although some breeds are polled.

Grisons Striped goats are hardy animals with a thick double coat to keep them warm in cold temperatures and their long shaggy fur helps to protect them from the elements. Their striped coat color is unique to this breed, with stripes usually running along their sides and back. As with all dairy goats, they are generally very docile and friendly, making them a great family pet.

The Grisons Striped goat is an excellent milk producer, producing high-fat milk that is suitable for cheesemaking and other dairy products. They are usually milked about three times a day and can produce up to one gallon of milk per day. This makes them an important source of dairy products in the rural areas in which they are most common.

In addition to their high milk production, Grisons Striped goats can also be bred for their meat and hides. Their meat is lean and flavorful and considered a delicacy in some parts of the world. Their hides make durable and distinctive leather products, such as shoes and coats. The breed is also kept as a source of pet companionship and as a guard animal to protect flocks of sheep or other animals from predators.

The Grisons Striped goat is not particularly popular outside of its home region in Switzerland, but it is becoming increasingly more well-known as it continues to be bred with other breeds to create new hybrids. The Grisons Striped goat is a unique and valuable breed that deserves recognition in its own right and can make a great addition to any homestead or farm.