The Jining Grey goat is an ancient Chinese breed, originating in the Jining area of Shandong province. This breed is well-known for its high milk production, having been bred for dairy purposes for centuries.

The Jining Grey goat has a short coat of greyish-white color, often with black spots. They are medium to large in size, with does weighing between 60-80 kg and bucks weighing between 70-90 kg. They have a straight/Roman nose and thin, slanted eyes, with small, pointed ears.

This breed is hardy and adaptable to a wide variety of climates and environments. They have high resistance to disease, making them ideal for farmers looking to raise healthy animals. Their milk production is also quite high, with reports of up to 4 liters per day.

The Jining Grey goat is a dual-purpose breed, being used for both milk and meat production. They have an excellent feed conversion ratio and good carcass quality, making them desirable for meat production as well.

The Jining Grey goat is a popular breed in its native China, and is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. They are highly sought after due to their dual-purpose nature and their impressive milk production. They are also popular among beginners as they are an easy breed to manage.

This breed is good natured and gentle, making them a great choice for those looking for pets or livestock to raise. They also have a strong mothering instinct, which makes them excellent mothers and helps ensure there is a high survival rate in the young.

The Jining Grey goat is a remarkable breed that is becoming increasingly popular in the worldwide market. With their high milk production, dual-purpose nature, and good temperament, this breed is ideal for farmers looking for a reliable and hardy animal.