Kaghani goats are a dual-purpose breed found primarily in the Jhelum district of Pakistan. They are a medium sized breed, with bucks weighing between 86 and 120 lbs and does weighing between 77 and 99 lbs. They are white, with the occasional black or grey markings. Kaghani goats are known for their prolific milk production, with an average lactation yield of 4 litres per day. Their milk is of excellent quality, high in fat content and rich in flavor.

Kaghani goats are hardy and adaptable to their environment, making them an ideal breed for small scale farming. They have an excellent resistance to disease and require minimal care and attention. As a result, they can thrive in a variety of climates and habitats, making them an ideal choice for arid regions where other breeds may not be as successful.

Kaghani goats are also known for their medium length, soft and glossy coats. This is due to their naturally fine and thin wool, which helps to protect them from harsh weather and keep them cool in the summer months. They also carry a prominent dorsal stripe and markings on their face and legs, which can vary in colour from white to black.

Kaghani goats are also known for their docile, laid-back temperament. They are generally calm and friendly, making them an excellent choice as companion animals. As a result, they are often kept not just for their milk production but also as a pet.

Kaghani goats are also highly reproductive, with does able to give birth to twins or even triplets. Does reach sexual maturity at around one year of age and bucks at four months, making them a quick and profitable breed for small scale farmers.

All in all, Kaghani goats are a hardy, versatile breed that is well suited to a variety of climates. They are a dual purpose breed, with their milk being of excellent quality and their coats being of fine and glossy quality. They are also known for their docile temperaments, making them ideal as companion animals. All these factors make Kaghani goats an excellent choice for small scale farmers.