The Kalbian goat is a breed of domestic goat originating from Kalbian, a small village in India. It is a medium-sized goat with a short, glossy coat of brown, grey or black. The Kalbian goat is known for its hardiness, disease resistance, and excellent production of milk over a long grazing period. It is an extremely hardy animal, able to withstand extreme weathers and poor nutrition.

Kalbian goats have a wedge shaped body, short legs, and a wide head. The head is adorned with long, curved horns that are either single or double. The ears are large and pendulous. They have a well-developed chest and shoulders and are very muscular.

The milk production of the Kalbian goat is very high. It is known to produce even more milk than the Jamunapari breed. The milk is of excellent quality, with a high content of butterfat. It is also known for its very sweet taste.

The Kalbian goat is docile and easily managed. They are also very friendly and make for great pets. They can tolerate hot climates, and do not require much shelter. The lifespan of the Kalbian goat is usually around 10-12 years.

Kalbian goats are a very hardy breed and require minimal medical care. They are also known to be resistant to parasites, and are unlikely to contract diseases. They are well suited for an environment where grazing land is scarce, and are able to survive on less food than other breeds.

The Kalbian goat is a great choice for farmers who are looking for a hardy, disease-resistant, and high-yielding breed. With its high milk production and sweet taste, the Kalbian goat is an ideal breed for anyone looking for a reliable milk producer. These goats are loyal and reliable animals, and are a great addition to any family.