The Massif Central goat breed is a medium-sized dairy goat originating in the French Massif Central region. It is known for its hardy nature and ability to thrive in difficult terrain, making it one of the most resilient goat breeds in the world.

This breed is a medium-sized animal with an average weight of around 65 pounds. The coat of a Massif Central goat is short and usually a solid color, with white, brown, and black being the most common. They have long, pendulous ears and upright horns.

The Massif Central breed is naturally resistant to many of the common goat diseases and parasites, making them a great choice for backyard goat owners. This breed is hardy, and is capable of getting by on less feed than some other dairy goat breeds. They also have a very low cost of production, giving them a considerable advantage over other, pricier goat breeds.

The Massif Central goat is an excellent dairy animal, and their milk is high in production and quality. The milk is rich in butterfat and protein, and the flavor is excellent. This milk is ideal for making a variety of cheeses, including goat cheese and other specialty cheeses.

The Massif Central goat is an adaptable animal, and can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used for herding livestock, as a milk source, or even as a companion animal. They are very protective of their herd, and are diligent in their duties, making them a worthwhile investment for any farmer.

The Massif Central goat is a hardy, reliable animal that has the ability to thrive in difficult terrain. They are a great choice for backyard goat farmers, as they have a low cost of production and yield high-quality milk. With their adaptability and protective nature, Massif Central goats are a great all-around choice for anyone looking for a reliable dairy goat.