The Miniature Oberhasli goat is a small, Swiss breed of dairy goat that has been popular in North America for decades. They are known for their unique, rich, reddish-brown coloring with contrasting black markings, referred to as “buckskin.” They have a straight profile and angular legs. The Mini Oberhasli goat is a gentle, easy-going animal that is easily adaptable to a variety of living conditions and climates.

Mini Oberhasli goats produce good-tasting, nutrient-dense milk in abundance. Their milk is especially high in butterfat and protein, making it great for cheese and other dairy products. Oberhasli goat milk is smooth and creamy, with a nutty flavor, similar to that of cow’s milk.

Mini Oberhasli goats are low maintenance and easy to handle. They have a calm and docile nature and are a gentle and friendly breed. They can be trained to lead, walk on a leash, and perform all the basic goat commands.

Mini Oberhasli goats are also relatively hardy and adaptable animals. They can thrive in most climates, provided they have access to plenty of fresh water and good-quality hay. With minimal parasites and relatively low-maintenance grooming requirements, Mini Oberhasli goats are a great choice for the small homesteader.

Mini Oberhasli goats are highly social animals and require a lot of attention from their owners. They love to be around people and need regular human contact to maintain their happy nature. Mini Oberhasli goats make great pets and companions, and can be easily trained to do basic commands.

Mini Oberhasli goats are also great for breeding and show. They have an excellent yield when bred, producing lactating does that are extremely healthy and of good size. With their agreeable nature, Mini Oberhasli goats make wonderful family animals that will welcome visitors and spend time with children and pets.

All in all, the Mini Oberhasli goat is a great breed for a family or small homestead. They are gentle, friendly, and easy to manage. They are also highly adaptable and can thrive in most climates. With their high-quality milk and easy-going nature, Mini Oberhasli goats make great pets and companions.