The Oberhasli goat is a hardy and adaptable breed found in the canton of Bern in Switzerland. They are also known as the Swiss Alpine or Swiss Oberhasli, and are well-suited for dairy production. The Oberhasli is a medium-sized, alert and graceful breed that stands about 25 – 30 inches and weighs approximately 110 to 165 pounds. Oberhaslis come in a variety of colors, such as golden-bay, black, and chocolate. Their heads are slightly dished, with prominent eyes and horns that are usually twisted, curved, or medium-sized and either tipped or scurled back.

Oberhaslis are known for their easy temperaments and docility, and are excellent for farmers who are looking for companion animals. They are also known to be much quieter than other breeds, and can produce up to two gallons of milk per day. They are also hardy and agile, and are capable of traveling long distances with ease.

The breed is known for its hardiness and resistance to disease, and can do well in both hot and cold climates. They are also often used for meat production, and their milk is particularly high in butterfat. They are a very prolific breed, and can produce multiple kids in one lactation cycle. Their milk is also rich in both proteins and minerals, making it a very nutritious product for both humans and animals.

Oberhaslis are also very independent and can do well in open pasture systems. They are used for both dairy and meat production, as well as fiber production, and their wool is fine, dense, and of a medium-length. They are also easy to handle, and are generally quite docile and friendly with people.

Overall, the Oberhasli goat is a great choice for both experienced and novice goat farmers. They are hardy, adaptable, and relatively easy to care for. They also produce a high-quality product in milk, meat, and fiber, and do well in both hot and cold climates.