The Peacock goat breed is an ancient breed of goat that has been used by farmers around the world for centuries. The breed is known for its striking coloration, featuring bold black and white patches with a hint of brown and gold. It has an elegant frame, with a glossy coat and a distinguished profile.

The Peacock goat breed is a hardy breed, with a good health record and a robust immunity to common goat illnesses. It is a medium-sized goat, standing at roughly two feet tall and usually weighing between 70 and 90 pounds. The breed has an average lactation period of three months, producing an average of two to four quarts of milk per day.

The Peacock goat is a friendly breed, usually very sociable and outgoing. The breed is intelligent and fairly easy to train. It has an even temperament and rarely becomes aggressive. It is a hardy breed, capable of living in a variety of climates, although it prefers a dry, temperate environment.

The Peacock goat is an excellent choice for small-scale dairy farms, as it is a productive producer of meat and milk. Its milk is of a high quality, with a creamy taste. In addition, the goats are valued for their coats, which are highly sought-after by fiber artists. The coats can be shorn in the spring and spun into a variety of yarns.

The Peacock goat is a great choice for families looking for an easy-to-care-for pet, as it is an affectionate and loving animal. It bonds quickly with humans and loves to be petted and groomed. In addition, the breed is low maintenance, requiring minimal care and attention.

Overall, the Peacock goat is an excellent breed for farmers and families alike. It is a hardy and productive goat that is also friendly and loving. Its beauty and intelligence make it an ideal choice for small-scale farms, and its high-quality milk is prized by dairy fans.