The Philippine goat is an indigenous breed of goat which originated from the Philippines. This hardy and resilient breed of goats is known for its rustic and sturdy look, and is extremely popular among farmers and backyard goat keepers alike.

The Philippine goat is a small-to-medium sized breed, with mature males weighing between 70 and 80 kilograms, and mature females weighing between 50 and 60 kilograms. It has a pale to dark brown or black coat with white markings which can vary in intensity. It has a short and thick neck, and a medium length body. The head is usually large, with a deep concave profile. Its ears are short, with a wide base and a fine tip. Its legs are strong and muscular, and its face is usually white and long.

The Philippine goat is an excellent forager and can thrive in a variety of terrains. It is able to tolerate extreme climates, making it well-suited for areas with high temperatures and erratic rainfall. Its habitat typically includes the grasslands and mountains of the Philippines. It is a good grazer and can thrive on limited pasture and grasses.

The Philippine goat is known for its hardiness and resilience, and is able to adapt to adverse environmental conditions. It is also known for its high fertility rate and rapid growth rate. Generally, the Philippine goat is an easy animal to care for, requiring minimal veterinary care and can survive on very little feed.

The Philippine goat is an important source of meat for many people living in the rural areas of the Philippines. Its meat is highly sought after and is known to be of high quality and highly nutritious. Its milk is also highly regarded, as it is a good source of proteins and vitamins. The hide of the Philippine goat is also of great value, and is used in tanning and in the making of leather products.

The Philippine goat is also an important source of income for many farmers. The sale of live animals, meat and other by-products is a valuable source of income for many farmers in the Philippines. The hardiness, fertility and resilience of the Philippine goat make it an ideal animal to raise and rear for the purpose of rearing meat or dairy goats.