The Pinzgauer goat is a heritage breed of dairy goat that originated in the Austrian alps in the early 19th century. It is a medium-sized goat, about the size of a large dog, with a thick, woolly undercoat and long, shaggy hair. The Pinzgauer is known for its intelligence, hardiness, and strong mothering instinct, making it an ideal choice for both dairy and meat production.

The Pinzgauer goat is a medium-sized animal with an average weight from 150 to 250 pounds. They have a long neck and a deep chest. Their face is wide and their ears are long and drooping. The body is covered with a soft, short coat of fur, and the breed features a white base color with patches of black, gray, brown, and tawny.

The Pinzgauer goat is a very hardy breed, able to withstand cold weather and able to forage in rough terrain. They are also an intelligent breed, responding to commands and learning quickly. They are excellent climbers, able to scale steep cliffs and navigate treacherous mountain passes in search of food.

Pinzgauer goats are both excellent milk and meat producers. The milk is rich in butterfat, protein, and calcium, and is ideal for cheese-making. The meat is lean and flavorful, with a distinctive gamey taste. The abundance of milk and meat make the Pinzgauer goat an excellent choice for both commercial and small-scale farming operations.

Pinzgauer goats are also known for their strong mothering instincts. Does are protective and attentive to their young, often leading a small herd of kids together. They also have a pleasant temperament, making them easier to handle than other dairy goat breeds.

The Pinzgauer goat is an ideal choice for those looking to make cheese or produce high-quality meat. They are strong enough to withstand the rigors of a difficult environment and are intelligent enough to respond to commands. If you’re looking for a hardy, productive, and docile breed of dairy goat, the Pinzgauer is an excellent choice.