The Poitou goat is an unusual variety of French goat originating from the area of Poitou. It is characterized by a distinctive set of horns and long hair. This breed is well adapted to the damp climate of Poitou, with long coats and heat-resistant horns. Its unique appearance has made it popular with farmers and pet owners alike.

Poitou goats are of medium size, with males weighing between 100 and 140 pounds and females between 80 and 110 pounds. The most distinctive feature of the breed is its horns, which can easily measure up to two feet in length. The horns are curved backwards, and their tips are often colored black. The animals also have a thick, dark, long coat.

Poitou goats are quite hardy and are capable of withstanding cold temperatures. They are also one of the most productive breeds, producing up to three quarts of milk per day. The milk is creamy and contains a high amount of fat, making it perfect for making cheese and other dairy products.

Females are generally more docile and friendly than males, and they are often used for managing herds. They are also more reliable when it comes to milking, as they produce more milk than other breeds.

Poitou goats need plenty of grazing land and a warm, secure shelter to remain healthy. They can also benefit from a balanced diet of hay and grain, as well as foliage and roots. Because of their long coat, they need to be brushed and clipped at least once a month.

Overall, the Poitou goat is a hardy animal with a distinctive appearance and excellent milk production. They are ideal for small farms, where they can provide a steady source of milk and cheese for local dairy production. With proper care, these animals can provide a family with years of loyal companionship and reliable milk production.