The Red Mediterranean goat breed is known for its hardiness and its deep red coat, as well as its relatively large size. This breed is native to the Mediterranean region of North Africa and has been used for centuries as a dairy animal and for meat production. It is characterized by a long, thick red coat, which is slightly wavy and varies in color from a deep dark red to almost a mahogany color. The horns of the Red Mediterranean are distinctively twisted and curved inwards. The breed is also known for its large size and usually reaches heights as tall as 75 cm (29.5 in) and weights as much as 90 kg (200 lbs).

The Red Mediterranean is a hardy breed that is well adapted to hot climates and can survive on forage. It is also a particularly long-lived breed, with some individuals reaching up to 25 years of age. The breed is known for being docile and easy to handle, making it a popular choice for farms and pet owners alike.

This breed is also a prolific producer of milk, with individuals being able to produce up to 4 liters (1 US gallon) of milk per day. The milk is particularly rich in fat and solids, making it ideal for cheese production and other dairy products. Red Mediterranean goats are also used in the production of meat, with individuals yielding up to 40 kg (88 lbs) of meat.

This breed is highly valued for its resistance to disease and its ability to thrive in a range of environments. Red Mediterranean goats are often resistant to parasites, as well as having a high level of resistance to mastitis and other infections. Additionally, they are noted for being hardy and robust, and can adapt to a variety of climates, from temperate to tropical.

In terms of conformation, the Red Mediterranean goat has a rectangular body shape, with a deep chest and broad shoulders. Its legs are long and muscular, with an even gait and strong hooves. Its ears are medium to large and point outward and upward. Its eyes are usually brown in color and of an almond shape. Lastly, its short, dense coat is generally less dense around the ears, neck, and legs.

Overall, the Red Mediterranean goat is a hardy and productive breed that is well- suited for both dairy and meat production. It is a docile breed and easy to handle, making it a popular choice for both farms and pet owners alike. With its long-term production and resistance to disease, the Red Mediterranean is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable, hardy goat breed.