Repartida goats are a medium-sized dairy goat breed that originated in the Canary Islands. They are hardy animals that are well adapted to the extreme climate of their native environment. They have a strong skeletal structure and their fur is very thick and coarse, making them well suited for colder climates. Repartidas have excellent milk production and are a popular choice among dairy herds.

Repartidas come in a variety of colors including white, brown, fawn, and gray. They have short, thick horns that curve downward and they usually weigh between 90-130 pounds. Females, or does, are usually larger than males, or bucks. They are known to have a strong herding instinct and are also very alert and sensitive animals.

Repartidas are well known for their exceptional milk production. It is high in fat, protein, and other nutrients that make it exceptionally desirable for making cheese. They are also excellent producers of butter, yogurt, and other dairy products.

Repartidas have strong mothering instincts, and they easily bond with their kids. They are very protective of their young and will not hesitate to protect them from predators or other dangers. This makes them an excellent breed for breeding and raising on a farm.

Repartidas are also extremely hardy animals, and they do well in hot and cold climates. They are sturdy, and are able to withstand long hours of strenuous work in the fields, such as pulling carts and plowing. They are also very tolerant of changes in their environment and can easily adapt to different types of feed.

Overall, the Repartida goat is an ideal choice for dairy farms and other agricultural and pastoral operations. With their hardy nature, strong milk production, and exceptional herding instinct, they are sure to be a valuable addition to any herd.