The Saanen goat is a domesticated livestock species of goat originating from the Saanen Valley of Switzerland. It is considered the largest of all dairy goat breeds and is widely renowned for its milk production capabilities. The Saanen goat is a medium to large-sized, white goat with erect ears, alert and curious temperament, and high production of milk.

The Saanen goat is a hardy, adaptable breed that can thrive in many environments, but prefers cooler climates and is suited best for pastoral farming methods. It is especially popular in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, which have climates that are ideal for their needs. They typically have a long, straight nose and wide-set, upright ears, and their white fur is short and slick. Saanen goats are usually of a good size, with does weighing between 110 and 145 pounds and does being slightly smaller.

In terms of milk production, the Saanen goat is one of the highest-producing dairy breeds out there. While the Saanen goat is one of the most popular dairy goat breeds, they are also bred for their meat, skin, fiber, and hide. Saanen goats are great foragers, able to find food in even the harshest conditions. They have a good sense of smell and are not prone to shyness, which makes them fairly easy to handle and manage.

Saanens also produce excellent meat, with males and females having equal fat marbling and a higher percent of protein in comparison to other goat breeds. Bucks are also known for developing strong, broad chests and well-muscled hindquarters. The breed is also renowned for its excellent hide quality, with bucks producing soft, white leather. Saanen goats can also produce a moderate amount of fiber, which is used for clothing, upholstery, and paper products.

In terms of health, the Saanen breed is relatively hardy and quite resistant to disease. They have a natural resistance to parasites and are quite adaptable to most climates and environments. However, they do require regular hoof care and attention to ensure they stay healthy. They may also be susceptible to footrot and contagious caprine pleuropneumonia, so proper vaccination and biosecurity measures should be taken.

Overall, the Saanen goat is a fantastic breed for those looking for a high-yielding dairy and meat goat breed. It is a hardy and adaptable breed, capable of thriving in most climates and environments, and its milk production capabilities are hard to beat. Furthermore, its meat, skin, fiber, and hide are all of excellent quality, making the Saanen goat a great choice for many homesteads.