The Sable Saanen goat is a medium-sized goat that originated from Switzerland. These goats are known for their thick soft coats and come in a variety of colors, including white, grey, black, and brown. They have long, droopy ears and have a solid frame. The Sable Saanen is a gentle and friendly goat, making it an ideal pet for families.

The Sable Saanen is a hardy breed of goat and is able to handle both cold and hot climates. Its thick coat keeps it warm in the winter and it can also handle the heat of the summer months. They are a very active breed and are known for their intelligence.

The Sable Saanen typically weighs between 135 and 170 pounds when full grown and can live for up to 15 years. This breed is known for its impressive dairy production. Sable Saanen goats produce a high yield of milk at a rate of between 1.5-2 gallons a day.

Sable Saanen goats are excellent moms and will provide their young with plenty of milk and care. They typically have one to two kids per birth, and will naturally form a strong bond with their kids.

Sable Saanen goats are also great browser goats. They love to forage and can be used to help clear out brush in areas. They are also known for their exceptional meat quality.

When it comes to providing great milk and meat, the Sable Saanen goat is an excellent choice. They are easy to handle and are very friendly, making them a great choice for children. They are active and intelligent, and can be kept as either pets or for providing milk and meat for the family.