Somali goats are a hardy and attractive breed of goat that originate from Somalia in East Africa. They are a medium-sized breed with a unique white and black patterned coat. The Somali is an extremely hardy breed that can survive in some of the harshest environments, and can survive on very little food. They are also known for their friendly temperament and resilience.

Somalis are a well muscled breed with a body that is normally solid white with black patches on the face, ears, legs, and around the tail. The head of the Somali goat is usually white, with long black ears that hang down. The coat is normally short and close to the goat’s body, and the legs and feet are often white with a few black patches.

Somali goats are usually docile in nature and are easily handled due to their calm demeanor. They can be trained to produce milk and meat for humans and provide excellent companionship as well. They do not require a high-maintenance diet, and can usually get by on minimal feed and water.

Somalis are a dual-purpose breed, and can be used for both milk and meat production. They can produce up to a gallon of milk a day when in milk production. The milk has a high fat content, which makes it perfect for making cheeses, yogurts, and other rich dairy products. The meat from the Somali goat is also very tasty and is leaner than that from other breeds.

Somalis can be kept in both large and small herds, and they can easily adapt to different environments. They do best in warmer climates, but can survive in both hot and cold temperatures. They also have a good resistance to parasites and other diseases, making them a great choice for farmers who want to keep a healthy herd of goats.

Overall, the Somali goat is a great breed for both milk and meat production, as well as providing companionship. They are a hardy breed that can survive in tough climates, and their coats make them easy to identify. They are an attractive breed that is known for their friendly temperament and resilience, and are an ideal choice for farmers and homesteaders alike.