The Tauernscheck goat is a breed originating in Austria and is known as one of the best dairy goat breeds in the world. It is believed to have descended from an ancient breed of goat kept in the area by the Celts thousands of years ago. Unlike other dairy goat breeds, the Tauernscheck is a medium-size goat with a distinctively short stature and long coat. The coat is a solid brown color and can range from light to dark with lighter colors around the eyes, nose, and chin.

The Tauernscheck is known for its excellent milk production and is considered to be a very hardy and productive dairy goat. This breed is also known for being docile and friendly, and they can easily be kept as pets in addition to providing milk for the family. It is important to note that the Tauernscheck is a seasonal breeder and will only produce milk when the weather is relatively stable.

In terms of physical characteristics, the Tauernscheck has a somewhat unique head shape. The forehead is slightly concave and the jaw is long and wide. The horns are slightly curved and the ears tend to be short and set low on the head. The coat of the Tauernscheck is short and glossy, and the feet are strong and well-formed.

The primary purpose of the Tauernscheck goat is to produce milk for family consumption. The breed is known for its high milk yield, fat content, and protein concentration. The milk produced is particularly high in quality and is great for making cheese and other dairy products. It is also an excellent choice for goat cheese production, as it has a distinctive flavor profile.

In addition to their dairy-producing capabilities, the Tauernscheck is also an excellent choice for meat production. The meat from this breed is lean and has excellent marbling, making it highly desirable. The carcass weight of this goat is also impressive, as the average weight of an adult Tauernscheck can exceed 200 pounds.

Overall, the Tauernscheck goat is an exceptional breed of dairy goat that is gaining increasing popularity among farmers and homesteaders alike. Their hardy nature, docile disposition, and high milk production make them an excellent choice for dairy production, as well as meat production. Those interested in raising goats for commercial production should keep the Tauernscheck in mind, as it is a breed that will provide excellent results with minimal effort.