The Valais Blackneck Goat is a rare breed of goat found mainly in the Valais district of Switzerland and western Austria. It is a medium-sized goat, with a short, stocky body and long, slender legs. The most distinctive feature of the Valais Blackneck is its black coat, which covers its head, neck, and chest. The body is white or reddish brown in color, and the white may be slightly tinged with grey. The black neck is thick and long, and the head is broad and well-developed.

The Valais Blackneck has a dual purpose: milk production and meat. In terms of milk, the Valais Blackneck is well respected for a high-fat content in their milk that produces an exceptional cheese. This breed produces an even quality of milk with a high butterfat content and a low somatic cell count. Their meat is of good quality, with a mild flavor.

The Valais Blackneck is a hardy breed, with an active and lively nature. They are extremely adaptable and can survive in almost any environment, although they do best in high elevation areas. They are a very social breed, often grouping together in herds in the wild.

The Valais Blackneck is an excellent mothering goat, often giving birth to multiple children in a single birth. They are also known for their great milk production, often yielding up to two gallons of milk per day. In addition to animal husbandry, these goats are extremely talented climbers and can often be seen scaling walls and other obstacles.

Overall, the Valais Blackneck is a hardy, versatile breed of goat with excellent milk and meat production. Valais goats are social, and they get along great with other animals and humans. They are healthy and disease-resistant, and their milk is high-fat and of exceptional quality. With an enthusiastic and lively nature, the Valais Blackneck is sure to be a great addition to any farm or animal-related operation.