The West African Dwarf goat is an adaptable and hardy breed native to West Africa. It is a small breed with an average size of 48-61 cm and an average weight of 18-29 kg. This breed is well-known for its dairy production and its suitability for meat production.

The West African Dwarf goat is a short-legged, muscular and compact breed. Its coat is short and can be white, black, or spotted. Its horns are short and curved. The facial profile is convex with dark facial markings.

West African Dwarf goats are very social animals that thrive in a herd environment. They are highly adaptable to their environment and climate and can tolerate a wide range of feed and water sources.

In terms of production, this breed is an excellent producer of both milk and meat. Females will produce 2-3 liters of milk a day. The meat is lean and of high quality.

West African Dwarf goats are also known for their hardiness and resistance to external parasites. They are also able to thrive in tropical climates and hot temperatures.

The West African Dwarf goat is an excellent choice for those looking for an easy to care for breed that produces both meat and milk. It adjusts well to its environment and is an excellent choice for both meat and dairy production. They are also hardy and resistant to external parasites which makes them a great choice for hot climates.