The Xuhai goat breed is a distinctive type of goat that is native to mainland China. It is known for its distinctive markings and unique coloring. Unlike other breeds of goats, Xuhai goats have black faces with white tufts of hair along their chins and necks. The coats of this breed are usually fawn in color with white markings along their back and legs. This breed also has a unique build with its larger, more muscular body.

Xuhai goats are a hardy breed that can withstand extreme temperatures and conditions. They are well adapted to living in the mountainous regions of mainland China where they often graze freely. Xuhai goats do well in colder weather and can produce more milk than other goat breeds due to their larger size.

This breed is also known for its high milk production, with some females producing up to three gallons of milk per day. This makes them popular for cheese and dairy production. These goats are generally easy to care for and have a longer lactation period than other breeds.

Xuhai goats are also known for being docile and friendly animals that are easy to handle. They tend to be very curious and enjoy human interaction. They can be easily trained to follow commands and can be used to herd other animals.

The Xuhai goats are a hardy breed of goat that are well suited for various types of climates and environments. They produce a large quantity of milk and are easy to care for. They are a friendly breed that is easy to work with and train. Due to their hardiness and adaptability, Xuhai goats are popular for dairy production and other agricultural purposes.