The Zhongwei goat is a breed of domestic goat originating from the Zhongwei region of China. The breed is known for its short, sturdy stature and thick, lustrous hair. Zhongwei goats are generally medium-sized, standing between 65 to 100 cm tall. The breed has short and smooth hair which is usually colored white, grey, black or brown.

Zhongwei goats are highly productive and are valued for their meat, milk, and cashmere. Males have been known to reach weights of over 90 kg, and females over 60 kg. Zhongwei goats are known for their high milk production, with individual females producing up to 2.5 kg of milk per day. The milk is high in butterfat content, with an average of 4.5%, making it ideal for making cheese and other dairy products.

Zhongwei goats are known for their hardiness and adaptability. They are able to survive in harsh conditions, and are well-suited to the cold climate of the Zhongwei region. The breed is resistant to many diseases, making it a reliable and healthy choice.

Zhongwei goats are also known for their luxurious cashmere. The coat of these goats is made up of two different layers of hair; an outer layer of coarse guard hair and an inner layer of fine, downy cashmere. The guard hair provides protection against the cold and the cashmere provides warmth and insulation. The cashmere produced by the Zhongwei goats is of high quality and is used for everything from high-end apparel to blankets.

The Zhongwei goat is a hardy and productive breed that is perfect for those looking to add a dependable animal to their herd. The breed is known for its short stature, thick coat, and high milk production, making it a great choice for anyone looking for an all-around goat. With its hardiness and adaptability, its luxurious cashmere and high-quality milk, the Zhongwei goat is sure to be a valuable addition to any farm.