The American Ringtail Cat is a relatively new breed of cat that was developed by a breeder in California in 1998. This unique breed has a very striking appearance as it has a long, fluffy tail that is almost as long as its body. It also has very large eyes, which give it an unusual and distinctive look.

American Ringtail Cats are known for their playful and social personalities. They love to play and explore their surroundings, and they enjoy interactions with people. They are also very intelligent cats, and they can learn tricks and commands with ease. They are known for being very affectionate and cuddly cats, and they often bond strongly with their owners.

American Ringtail Cats are medium to large in size and they have a moderate to long haired coat. They have soft, silky fur and a diverse range of coat colors including solid, tabby, and calico patterns. They can also have a combination of two or more colors on their coat.

American Ringtail Cats are known for their unique tail, which is usually between 8-14 inches long. The tail is slightly curved at the very tip and is often carried over their back when they are not in motion. It is believed that the long ringtail helps cats balance when they are climbing or leaping from one place to another.

The American Ringtail Cat generally has a very healthy life span of around fifteen years. They are energetic and active cats who need plenty of exercise and playtime. They also require regular grooming to keep their coats in good condition.

The American Ringtail Cat is a very special breed of cat that is sure to bring love and joy to its owners. They are friendly and social cats who will quickly become a part of the family. They also have an unusual and striking appearance that is sure to turn heads when they are out and about.