The European Shorthair cat is a well-rounded, robust breed that is both affectionate and independent. With its medium to long hair, and wide, rounded face, they are a beautiful and remarkable breed. The European Shorthair cat has a sleek and graceful body with legs of moderate length and a sturdy, muscular frame. They have a long tail, usually with a slight taper at the end.

The European Shorthair cat is a classic looking breed, with a stunning, silvery to white coat. Most of the breed has blue eyes, which may be slightly crossed but have a very sweet expression. The short coat is dense and plush, and requires minimal grooming.

The European Shorthair cat is known for its intelligence and calmness. They have a very independent personality, but still love to cuddle and be petted and are affectionate to their owners. They like to spend time outdoors in the sunshine, surveying their territory. They are active and playful but not destructive and like to chase small animals and explore their environment.

The European Shorthair cat is versatile and can fit into many different lifestyles. They are often seen as an ideal family pet, as they are gentle and tolerant and get along well with children and other animals. They are also very easy to train and love to learn new tricks.

Overall, the European Shorthair cat is a beautiful and hardy breed that makes a wonderful companion. They have a strong, independent nature that makes them a great addition to families or single pet owners alike. With their calm, lovable nature and low maintenance grooming needs, they are an ideal pet for anyone who wants a loyal and devoted pet.