The Havana Brown is a delightful, graceful breed of cat known for its warm, chocolate-brown coats and striking eyes. The cats are often described as being “sleek and graceful” with an overall “refined” look. The cat has a medium-sized body with a short neck and well-muscled back legs. Felines of this breed have long, wedge-shaped heads with prominent cheeks and large, almond eyes that come in a variety of colors including green, gold, and copper.

The Havana Brown originated from crosses between domestic shorthairs and Siamese imported to the United Kingdom in the early 1950s. The breed is a rare one, and the International Cat Association recognizes the breed as an Experimental breed.

The coat of the Havana Brown is short and sleek, and it can either be glossy or dull. All colors of this breed are solid and their coats should be as close to a rich chocolate-brown color as possible, without any other tones. They have short, fine hair which needs only minimal grooming.

Havana Browns are known to be gentle, playful, and affectionate. They enjoy interactive playtime with their humans and get along well with other cats and pets. They’re also very trainable and eager to please, and they aren’t prone to destructive behaviors like scratching or spraying.

The cats of this breed are smart, and they enjoy learning tricks and playing games that involve problem-solving. They also generally enjoy being around people and form strong bonds with their humans.

Overall, the Havana Brown is an excellent, low-maintenance cat breed. Its good-natured personality and trainability make it an ideal breed for families and individuals alike. While its rare status makes it more valuable, the cats are still relatively easy to come by and make wonderful companions.