The Somali cat is a medium-sized cat that is part of the Abyssinian group. It was first developed in the late 1960s and is the longest-haired breed of the Abyssinian group. It has a graceful and muscular body with an elegant coat that is full of color and texture. The Somali cat has large almond-shaped eyes that come in various shades of green, blue, and copper. It has a lively and energetic disposition and loves to play and interact with its human family.

The Somali cat’s coat is its most defining feature. It is soft and long, with a ruff around the neck and a full plumed tail. The coat comes in four distinct colors: ruddy, red, fawn, and blue. Each color has a distinct pattern, with agouti (ticked) fur and banded hairs that give the cat its “wild” look. The hair is not as dense or thick as some other long-haired breeds, and it does not require much grooming.

The Somali cat has a strong, athletic build with a long, lean body, long legs, and a short, friendly face with a kind expression. Its ears are large and stand upright on its head. It has broad, alert eyes, and its whiskers are usually a bit longer than on other breeds. Its neck and back are long and strong, and its feet are small and round. The Somali cat’s tail is long and slightly curved.

The Somali is a loyal and friendly cat, affectionate with its human family and other pets. It is not an overly vocal breed, but it does love to talk and is not shy about asking for attention or food. It is intelligent and curious and loves to explore. It loves to play with its toys and enjoys being part of the family’s activities.

Overall, the Somali cat is a wonderful companion that is both active and adaptable. It will make a devoted and loving pet for anyone who is willing to give it the attention it needs. It loves to socialize, so access to other cats and plenty of toys and activities will keep it happy and content.