The Ford 800 tractor was one of the most popular tractors during the 1950s and 1960s. Ford produced three models of the tractor, the 820, 850 and 860. It was a two-wheel drive tractor that had a simple design and could perform basic jobs around the farm. It was a reliable and economical machine that was easy to maintain.

The Ford 800 tractor was powered by a 4-cylinder 8-valve liquid cooled vertical in-line gasoline engine that produced 40 horsepower at the drawbar. The starter system was a 6 volt configuration. It had an epicyclic, also known as planetary, rear wheel drive system that allowed for an easy transmission of power to the rear wheels. The transmission had five forward speeds and one reverse.

The tractor was equipped with a differential lock that allowed the operator to shift the power to either wheel for better traction. It also had a mechanical hydraulic lifting system for attaching implements that can lift 1,250 pounds. The hydraulic system was used to lift implements such as plows, discs, mowers, and cultivators.

The Ford 800 tractor was well-built and was able to perform many of the tasks farmers needed. It was used for plowing, cultivating, and harvesting. It could also be used for hauling, snow removal, and powering other equipment.

The tractor has a speedometer, coolant temperature gauge and Oil pressure gauge. It also had headlights, taillights, and a radiator guard. It was a simple and user-friendly machine that farmers could rely on for everyday work.

The Ford 800 tractor was produced during the 1950s. It was known for being a durable and reliable machine that could handle the toughest tasks. It was popular with farmers and was seen as a good choice for those who needed a basic and reliable tractor.

The Ford 800 tractor is still popular today, with many being restored and used for shows and parades. It was a simple and durable machine that could handle many of the basic tasks required on a farm. It was a popular tractor in its time and it is still held in high regard today.