The Fordson F was produced from 1917 to 1928 in both the United States and Ireland. The united state factory was located in Dearborn Michigan, which produced 747,681 tractors and the Ireland factory was located in Cork, which produced 7,597 tractors.

The name Fordson originated when Henry Ford wanted to start a tractor division of the Ford Motor Company, but due to shareholder pressure, he was unable and therefore started the Henry Ford & Son company.

The Fordson F Engine was a 4.1 liter 4 cylinder distillate engine or a Hercules 4.1 L 4 cylinder distillate engine. The fuel tank held 21 gallons of fuel.

The transmission was a 3 speed constant mesh gear transmission.

The Engine produced 20 Horsepower.

The drawbar specifications claimed 10 horsepower, but testing rated it at 12.325 horsepower.

The PTO specifications claimed 20 horsepower, but the standard belt test read at 22.28 horsepower. The belt pully produced 1000 RPM at 2480 foot per minute.

The tractor was a 2 wheel drive tractor, with manual steering and no cabin for the operator.

The wheelbase was 63 inches. The tractor weighed 2920 pounds and the rear tires were 42 by 12.

The Fordson tractor has an interesting history and kicked off a series of tractors from Ford that shaped the American landscape for years to come.