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New Rancher in Town

In this article, “New Rancher in Town,” I talk about a series of events that led me into purchasing, transporting and raising cows on my property in New Hampshire. The last thing I ever thought I would be is a… Continue Reading →

CAT 931 Water Pump Replacement

In this article “CAT 931 Water Pump Replacement”, I will describe the process of replacing a water pump, belt and the reassembly of a CAT traxcavator crawler. I will talk about the steps I took and some of the issues… Continue Reading →

Chicken Coop Winter: Managing heat, air circulation, water, predators and cleaning

In this article, “Chicken Coop Winter,” we will discuss some practical strategies for protecting your poultry and chicken coop during the winter months. This is geared toward people who live in the northern parts of America where the temperatures can… Continue Reading →

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