Nailing an Interview

Introduction In a previous life, I was a manager for a local government agency. As a manager, we occasionally needed to find and hire new talent. Unlike private sector companies, the public sector takes hiring to a whole new strange world in the name of fairness and inclusion. At this particular agency, candidates were required to take a civil service…

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Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing book review

This is the first “Rich Dad” series book that I have read. I completed the book a few weeks ago and feel there are a number of points that I’d like to point out here that are interesting and worthwhile. As a disclaimer, I have also been listening to the Rich Dad Podcast, so I’ve I inject something from my…

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I’m done with Easy

What got me to this point? So, I’ve recently started to think hard about my future and reflect on my past. I’m not one of those people that has a “rags to riches story.” I grew up in what I believe was a middle class family with two working parents that worked in the public sector. They have since retired…

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