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The Zhongwei goat is a breed of domestic goat originating from the Zhongwei region of China. The breed is known for its short, sturdy stature and thick, lustrous hair. Zhongwei goats are generally medium-sized, standing between 65 to 100 cm… Continue Reading →

Zhiwulin Black

The Zhiwulin black goat is an ancient Chinese breed of goat native to the Zhejiang province of China. This breed has been around for at least two thousand years and is very popular for its milk and its meat. The… Continue Reading →


The Zalawadi goat breed is native to India and is one of the most popular breeds of goats in the country. This breed is an excellent choice for both commercial and subsistence production purposes. The Zalawadi goat has a very… Continue Reading →

Yemen Mountain

Yemen Mountain goats are a rare breed that is known for their hardiness, intelligence, and prodigious milk production. They are native to the remote Yemeni highlands, where they have been bred since antiquity for their meat and milk production. The… Continue Reading →


The Xuhai goat breed is a distinctive type of goat that is native to mainland China. It is known for its distinctive markings and unique coloring. Unlike other breeds of goats, Xuhai goats have black faces with white tufts of… Continue Reading →


The Xinjiang goat is a dual-purpose breed of goat that is native to the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in Northwest China. This breed is well adapted to the harsh desert conditions of the region, and is used primarily for both… Continue Reading →

White Shorthaired

The White Shorthaired goat is a small and hardy breed of goat that is known for its easy adaptability and friendly nature. It is one of the most popular breeds of goat in the United States and can be found… Continue Reading →

West African Dwarf

The West African Dwarf goat is an adaptable and hardy breed native to West Africa. It is a small breed with an average size of 48-61 cm and an average weight of 18-29 kg. This breed is well-known for its… Continue Reading →


The Verata goat is a small to medium-sized breed that is native to the area of north-western Syria and south-eastern Turkey. They are well adapted to extreme environmental conditions of the region, and are able to thrive in both the… Continue Reading →


The Vatani goat breed is an ancient, highly adaptable domestic goat breed that originated in the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is a popular milking breed and considered one of the best Iranian native breeds in terms of milk production…. Continue Reading →

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