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Yanan Pig

: The Yanan pig is a domestic pig breed that originated in the Shaanxi province in China. This breed is also known as the Yanbei pig, and has been around for centuries. It is widely used as a commercial pig… Continue Reading →

Wuzishan Pig

Wuzishan pigs are a breed of pig native to the Wuzishan mountain region in China and are one of the smallest breeds of pot-bellied pigs. They are known for their small size, which can range from 90cm- 110cm in length,… Continue Reading →

Windsnyer Pig

The Windsnyer pig is an interesting and hardy pig breed that originated from a cross between a Berkshire, Hampshire, and Tamworth pig in northern England. This breed belongs to the same family of pigs as the popular Tamworth and Large… Continue Reading →

West French White Pig

The West French White pig is a breed that originates from the west of France, hence its name. With white fur and a slightly rounded nose, this pig is easily identified among other breeds. The West French White pig is… Continue Reading →

Wessex Saddleback Pig

The Wessex Saddleback Pig is a breed of domestic pig, originating from the Wessex region in England. It has a long and slim body shape, and a distinctive black and white spotted pattern. Its ears are floppy and its nose… Continue Reading →

Welsh Pig

The Welsh pig is an attractive, medium-sized breed of pig that is native to Wales, United Kingdom. It is a hardy animal that is well-suited to both indoor and outdoor environments. This breed is known for its docile nature, hardiness,… Continue Reading →

Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig

The Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig is a miniature pig breed, originating from Vietnam. This breed is quite unique in its appearance characterized by a short muzzle, smaller stature, and most notably an “enormous” pot-belly. This pig is also known to be… Continue Reading →

Urzhum Pig

The Urzhum pig is a rare breed of pig native to Russia, bred mainly in the Urzhum area of the Kostroma Oblast. It is a medium-sized pig, with a slightly elongated snout, long ears, and a white head and body…. Continue Reading →

Ukrainian White Steppe Pig

The Ukrainian White Steppe pig is a rare breed of pig found throughout Ukraine and Russia. This pig is known for its white coat and solid black hooves, giving it a unique and distinguishable look. The breed is also known… Continue Reading →

Ukrainian Spotted Steppe Pig

The Ukrainian Spotted Steppe pig is a distinct breed of pig originating from the Ukraine and is now a popular rare breed found in many parts of the world. This breed of pig has a unique white coat with a… Continue Reading →

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