Chicken Breeds

  • Abaza

    The Abaza goat is a unique breed that is native to the Abaza region of the Northern Caucasus in Russia. This breed is known for its long and dense coat, which can range from dark grey to almost white. Its… Continue Reading →

  • Abergelle

    Abergelle is a breed of goat found mainly in East Africa, specifically in Ethiopia and Eritrea. It is considered to be of very ancient origin and is highly appreciated and sought after in its native land. The Abergelle goat is… Continue Reading →

  • Abyssinian Cat

    The Abyssinian Cat is a long-haired, short-legged breed known for its distinctive coat pattern and its outgoing and lively personality. The Abyssinian is a medium to large breed with its body being longer than its height. It typically weighs between… Continue Reading →