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Whiting True Blue Chicken

Whiting True Blue Chicken is a breed of chicken that has been bred to be a dual-purpose bird, able to provide both eggs and meat. This breed, developed in the United States, has gained popularity due to its hardiness, vitality,… Continue Reading →

White Rock Chicken

White Rock Chicken is a top-of-the-line breed of chicken that is known for its high quality. It is a large breed of chicken that was developed in England in the 1800s. It is primarily used for egg production, but is… Continue Reading →

White Leghorn Chicken

White Leghorn Chicken is a variety of chicken that originates from the Italian province of Livorno, hence the name Leghorn. These chickens are some of the most popular egg-laying chickens in the world. White Leghorns are small in size, averaging… Continue Reading →

Swedish Flower Hens Chicken

. Swedish Flower Hen chickens are a rare and unusual breed of chicken, originating in Sweden. These chickens are recognized for their unique and striking coloring, and their loyal and friendly personalities. The Swedish Flower Hen is a small- to… Continue Reading →

Swedish Black Hen Chicken

Swedish Black Hen Chicken is a breed of chicken that originated in Sweden in the early 1700s. They are a dual-purpose breed, meaning they can be used for both laying eggs and for meat production. The Swedish Black Hen enjoys… Continue Reading →

Red Sex Link Chicken

Red Sex Link Chickens are a hybrid breed created from two parent breeds, the Rhode Island Red and the Barred Plymouth Rock. They are a very popular dual-purpose breed, meaning they are both good egg layers and good meat producers…. Continue Reading →

Plymouth Rock Chicken

Plymouth Rock chickens are an old breed of American chicken. They originated in New England in the 1800s and were named after the famous Plymouth Rock. The Plymouth Rock has a long, broad back and a deep double-laced chestnut-red and… Continue Reading →

Olive Egger Chicken

The Olive Egger Chicken is an unique breed of chicken that is both attractive and productive. They have a unique combination of dark and light tones that give them an eye-catching look. Olive Egger chickens have a light olive green… Continue Reading →

Langshan Chicken

The Langshan chicken is an ancient and unique Chinese chicken breed that is believed to have originated over a thousand years ago during the Song Dynasty. It is one of the oldest recognized chicken breeds in the world, and it… Continue Reading →

Isbar Chicken

The Isbar Chicken is a breed of chicken that originated in Sweden in the early 1900s. It is an incredibly hardy bird, making it an ideal choice for both large-scale and backyard poultry farmers. It can survive in most climates,… Continue Reading →

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